To me idealism is a bad word, it means the idolatry of ideas. To idolize ideas is a bad idea, and there are many bad ideas that had been enshrined as absolute truths. Even good ideas shouldn’t be idolized. Idealism is just step away from fanatism, and fanatics had killed more people than the plague.
One of the silliest ideas enthroned as truth by idealists is considering ideas as the only true reality, and the input of the senses as illusion.

Could a being devoid of all five senses have learned how to think? Could such being have any ideas, and if it so, about what? Could there be awareness without the senses:

“The senses are frequently divided into exteroceptive and interoceptive:
Exteroceptive senses are senses that perceive the body’s own


position, motion, and state, known as proprioceptive senses. External senses include the traditional five: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, as well as thermoception (temperature differences) and possibly an additional weak magnetoception (direction).[1] Proprioceptive senses include nociception (pain); equilibrioception (balance); proprioception (a sense of the position and movement of the parts of one’s own body).
Interoceptive senses are senses that perceive sensations in internal organs.
Non-human animals may possess senses that are absent in humans, such as electroreception and detection of polarized light.” Wikipedia

To me, sensations are representations of not always known relations between relative existents, and ideas are representations of this representations. We live in a representational, conditional, relative reality.

The philosophical/religious term “absolute” points to something beyond representation. We can’t use any word to represent it, because it includes everything that can be known. Go beyond words and ideas. There is no reality, no illusion. Live your life as if it were real, even if it’s not.

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