Pain’s Wake up Call

This morning pain woke me up.
I didn’t reject pain’s wake up call.
I said,”Let’s talk, I want to hear
what you have to say. I want to know
who you are.”

We sat in silence face to face, eye to eye.
Neither of us blinked. Soon, there was no pain,
no I. Just a sensation floating in space.
It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good. It was, and then,
gently, it was not. The void was alone. That’s all.



9 Responses to “Pain’s Wake up Call”

  1. Everything of yours I’ve read, here and on Nonduality Highlights, goes straight to the heart of our nature. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Your lovely verse delineates my “problem” more eloquently than I ever have or could. I’m delighted to have discovered your site.
    Feeling Understood,

  3. Great technique that works to turn ‘pain’ down to unrecognizable. This was the first of your writings I have read and I will certainly read more.

  4. I think grief is like that too. The only way through it is to welcome it in.

  5. I love this Pete. Last Sunday I was in Westminster Abbey (big trip for a Northern lad like me) You were on my mind a lot of the time; Don’t know why, you just were. I lit a candle and thought of you; we’ve never even met – but that was no reason not to. Best wishes John

    • Good wishes always have an effect, more often
      to the benefit of the well-wisher, yet it’s
      always nice to hear someone wishes us well.

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