Death And Dying

Death and Dying

Death and dying are not the same. The noun is not the verb. Anyone who doesn’t die in a flat second does experience his dying. Some dying are painful and long, others are peaceful and short. I have been enjoying my dying for
some years now. It’s a nice leisurely walk toward the unknown. Once dead, we all get bury in a common grave. There is absolutely no individuality in death. Obliterated by the same unknowing were Buddha, Christ, Genghis Kahn, and Joan of Arc.

Pete Sierra​


2 Responses to “Death And Dying”

  1. That was an interesting thought. Consider this: Christ conquered the grave and rose from the dead and then ascended into heaven. All historians know he lived. The case of the Resurrection is pretty powerful. I would say that it is not good to overlook this in bringing up death, especially when comparing him with those others. You are a very good writer and thanks.

    • cerosoul Says:

      Thanks for your comment. I’m not a Christian. AS you probably noticed, this is a Zen Buddhist blog.
      There is no historical evidence Christ lived, but he probably did. If you are as happy in believing in
      an afterlife, as I’m in knowing that there is total unconsciousness after death, I won’t try to convince
      you otherwise. Live long, and die painlessly. If I’m right, you won’t ever know you were wrong. If you
      are right… We are both in trouble because eternal life even in heaven sooner or later will become hell.


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