Buddha’s Death

Below, is Buddha’s death true story as imagined by Pete.
Don’t sneer, some imaginations are less false than others,
and a few are very useful. If you lean toward an utilitarian
view of truth, as I do, then you must agree that truth is what
helps the greater number of people the most. Look around,
every device you use now was once imagined by someone.
So, here it is:
After preaching for 40 years, and in his eighties, tired
of dragging an achy, stiff body around, and of talking in
vain to thousands of monks, the Buddha hung himself
from the Bodhi tree. He left a suicide note which read:
“Monks, the time has come for me to go. I have talked
in vain. Not one of you understood a word I said. Please,
go back to your villages, and never preach, or write a word
about what I said. Live happily without fear,
and when you die, you will be beyond harm, suffering and
The same milkmaid who fed him 40 years before under
that same tree, found him hanging there, and rushed to
tell the monks.
When the monks arrived they saw the rope and the noose,
but could not see a body dangling from the tree. What
prevented them to see what the milkmaid clearly saw?
Although, the milkmaid showed them the suicide note, they
decided this was one of their master’s skillful tricks to teach.
He will soon come back.
As the years passed without his return , the monks concluded
that it was for best to keep spreading his words, but
never tell that story that Buddha hanged himself from the tree
under which he had awaken to the truth.
If you see that this is a metaphor, the truth, and also a lie, then
you have awaken too.


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