Buddha’s Last Words

Shortly before his death, Buddha addressed his most
advanced disciples thus:

“Monks, never write down these words. Monks, pass on
this words only to those ready to abandon hope.

Monks, liberation is a war of extermination, of extinction.
Liberation, monks is total war. Only unconditional
surrender will be accepted. Everything will be taken away:
Your body won’t be yours, your robe, your bowl, your
beliefs, your knowledge, the Dharma, all your memories,
selfhood, even consciousness itself will be taken away.

Hope for no thing, o monks. Not a single hope must remain.
Only by total unconditional surrender will this war be won.
Don’t even hope that your conqueror be merciful. The bounties
of total liberation, of complete peace are not for you to hold.”

At the time, when the Dharma degenerated into a religion
which catered to hopes of an afterlife, a monk dared to
write this secret sutra. Today, while meditating I saw a
copy of it inside of a forgotten drawer in a corner
of my mind. Of course, you won’t believe a word I say
until the day,that you too, are ready to open that forgotten



One Response to “Buddha’s Last Words”

  1. kirk crist Says:

    this is exactually IT

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