Finitude Is Fine

The tawny tones of dirt, the pale hues of pulverized
rock, the gray and black of pebbles, the golden
shades of sand, what marvelous rug to walk on, with
the sun so bright, and the breeze so cool. It gave me
the grounded feeling of being at home. And as if that
were not enough, my favorite musicians were playing
a symphony in chlorophyll . What mastery vegetation
has to squeeze every note out of green! This made me
feel like a child gazing into his mother’s eyes. But then
I looked up, and saw the cloud flecked blue, and I had
the intuition I was free, buoyant, but unable to fly like
a bird in a cage must feel looking at the sky.

Yes, I left headquarters early, and crossed no man’s land.
I peered into the enemy’s trenches, and brought back
this report:

“The jasmines are preparing an assault! Their army green
blouses are crisscrossed with buds.”

The General read my report and looked at me with a sad
smile. “No one can know this, and live.” He turned to his
adjutant, and softly said, “Prepare the firing squad.”


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