Greatest Good

The Greatest Good is not reserved for a few
who don’t transgress against the expectations
or their culture and theirs gods. It’s freely bestowed
on all. That is, when we die. Even on the spider on
the wall.
The Greatest Good is Death. Life is a fallen state,
a struggle to survive. No matter how easy and happy
life seems it’s a high maintenance state co-dependent
on many things. Yes, I, and the spider on the wall are
fallen beings. To be, is to fall. I, more than her
because as she sits in her web, she doesn’t feel fallen
or lacking in any way, except, perhaps, a juicy fly.
I, OTOH, have fallen deep into knowledge, and
know the con game that life is. Life deceives itself to
keep on living. Represents itself as good and Death
as bad. Death doesn’t care about the slander. Life is
the temporary lie that illuminates Death’s eternal truth.


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