Killing The Buddha

The Chinese Sage Leng-Ua had a
compulsion to tell the truth,
like someone afflicted by pica
he got too full of hard truths,
and vomited in public harsh words.

He was often escorted out of town
by angry officials. One day he met
a bandit on the road.

“Give me all your money!”

“I have none.”

“Give food, then.”

Leng-Ua, figured that was a rhetorical
question since he was walking barefooted
wearing only a loincloth, and carried
nothing but a walking stick.

“I can only give you the Truth.”

“Of what use is that to me?”

“You no longer will fear death.”

“Funny that you mentioned that
because I have always wondered why I
fear my own death, but enjoy killing

“Why do you think that is so?” asked

“I fear being punished for my crimes in
the afterlife”

“There is no afterlife and no punishment.
When you die you’ll simple fall into a sleep
without dreams and never wakeup again.”

“Are you sure of that?”


“So you don’t fear death, then.”


“I think you’re lying.”

“I only tell the truth.”

Taking his knife out the bandit said,
“We shall see.”

It has been said, “Truth kills.”



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