Physical Attraction

Poem to Physical Attraction.

No one can escape earthly love.
I’m not singing about sex, but
about Earth’s relentless embrace.
Only astronauts can file a divorce,
obtain a brief separation, and return
to Earth’s possessively crushing arms.

Physical attraction is not only earthly,
It’s universal. Even space dust lust
to cling to its neighbor and copulate.
When you look at night at a starry sky
you see the children of gravitational sex.

A cosmic orgy is going on. Perverse acts
of gravity are performed. Supernovas
explode, black holes implode. Particles
crazed by lust seek to merge, kick-nap
light and rape it with unspeakable acts.

Don’t believe those who say space is cold,
a very hot romance is going on among stars.


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