The Palace Allegory

The Palace Allegory.
Years ago, I found myself by the palace door. It was unguarded and the door, ajar. After many tries to force myself in through the narrow gap, I found myself inside. I wandered around numberless empty rooms without finding anyone. The palace was deserted.
Years passed effortlessly exploring exquisitely decorated rooms,
untilI I found the thrown room. Its vastness was magnificent and against the farther wall dazzled the empty throne. The crazy thought assailed me that I was the emperor, and It had been waiting for me. I was about to dash to it, when a voice whispered, ” Many sat there never to be seen again. It just looks like a throne. It is a Tomb. I fled, and found myself outside. The palace, a distant shape against the sky, yet I had the feeling, I was still inside.
The voice whispered, “Those who have seen the throne can’t leave the palace, for them, inside and outside are the same.”

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