Transmission of Mind

Transmission Of Mind

“What shall I do to receive this transmission?” I asked.

“Watch me! ” said the teacher. He had that confidence
Christ also had when he said, “I’m the way.”

I thought I understood, and began aping him. The teacher
rebuked me, “Don’t imitate me, be like this!”

“How? ”

“Watch me. Do as I do.”

I thought I understood, began moving with deliberation,
slowly, as if the air had become syrupy.

“No, no! That’s not it. Go away. Don’t come back.”

“But you said, “That’s not it. Teach me then.”

“I have nothing else to teach. Don’t come back.”

Now many years later, I finally understand.

Understand what?

You’re not watching, so I can’t say.


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